Mtra. Irina Decheva


Cell phone:: +52 1 (999) 150 84 55

Ing. Mihail Minkov


Cell phone:: +52 1 (999) 309 84 27

Important Notice

Dear applicants, we are delighted to announce that the registration for the Seventh Edition of the "Jose Jacinto Cuevas" Yamaha competition is officially open once again.

We had to disable the registration portal temporarily to make some adjustments to the call, and because of that we kindly ask you to register anew and load your updated information.

IMPORTANT:The changes in the repertoire of the Third Stage for the Adults Group, were done because of the necessity to reduce the number of musicians on-stage because of active sanitary restrictions and will apply only to the current edition of the Competition.

Please watch for changes or updates on our website.